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Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats, GRAD!!

This session gave me a deeper appreciation for this location! We had a blast getting these images even though we did get locked in the back and had to walk around to the other side of the building! :) I had never been down that far, so I learned a few things that day!

Tanner is a great kid with a very bright future!! He comes from a big family, so it was nice to be able to give him some special attention for such a great accomplishment! He did a great job, even with all those nerves!! :)

I'm so glad he brough along his friend, Emily! She is a sweet girl and helped get Tanner to feel a little less nervous! She was also a great coat rack!! Thanks for all your help, Emily!!

You guys were AWESOME! So glad I was able to meet you both! ....and good luck with those big college plans!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Ken + Megan} Salt Lake Temple - 4-23-11

I had THE best time with this darling young couple and their families last weekend! The weather turned out to be absolutely PERFECT for a wedding and everyone had a blast! The Temple was surrounded by its beautiful spring flowers and blooming trees, which made for some VERY beautiful pics!!

I'm so glad I was able to photograph Ken & Megan on their special day... there is nothing like a temple wedding and this one was certainly no exception! Just watching the expressions on each of their faces as they exited the Temple was priceless! (*a deer in headlights look!) ;) I know they made the right choice by marrying each other and definitely by being sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity! I am so excited for these two just beginning their journey together...

This family made me feel so welcome and were so kind! I appreciate them and their hospitality while I shoved my camera in their faces!! ...and thank you, Mr. Andersen, for picking me out of the crowd to guide me toward your family at the Temple!! I KNEW that yellow umbrella would come in handy!! ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally, we meet!

Oh this beautiful little girl just lives too far away! She belongs to a couple of our best friends and I FINALLY got to meet her last week! It only took 7 months... :/

I am so glad it worked out and that I could photograph her while they were in town! What a little sweetie! She did such a great job, even with that scary tutu surrounding her!

Thanks Chris & Britt! Your princess is darling!! Enjoy!!

Daddy needed some new pics for his office, so we got mommy and baby together in a few cute shots! I love how these two interact!! :) You can tell she sure loves her mama!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcakes & birthdays were made for each other!!

My little girl turned 3 this month, so I took her on a special date to Vintage Cupcake Co. for a birthday treat and pics!! I think I LOVE VCC a little too much! :) Emma sure had a great time and enjoyed her rainbow cupcake and blue lollipop!!

Happy Birthday my sweet little MIMI!!! :)

We love you so much!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family + Birthday = Picture Day!!

It's so weird to think how much time has passed us by! This cute mommy and I used to sit together at lunch in junior high, and now we have our own little girls... I'm so glad she asked me to photograph her cute family! They are a photographer's dream to work with! Even though these little sweeties are so young, they did such a great job during their session! It must be all the practice since mommy makes them get their pics done ALL the time!! ;) Thanks, Patsy! Enjoy!! ....and now for the birthday girl!!
Happy Birthday Miss Kambree!!
:) She is turning 3 in just a few days!!