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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LiBeRtY DaYs!!!

We got approval for our booth at the Liberty Days event today! So it's all set!! Liberty Days is located on the South East corner of Nordic Valley Way and 4100 North in Liberty on Saturday July 3, 2010. We will be setup from 8:00am-3:00pm that day! Come see us for our framed wall art and a child portrait session for only $10!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BaBy'S FiRsT YeAr...

Recently had a baby or expecting a new little bundle of joy? Then you should know how much they CHANGE in their first year! Capture all of their cuteness from newborn to infant to toddler! I am now offering Baby's First Year sessions... This session includes a portrait session at each major milestone in baby's first year: NEWBORN, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, & 12 MONTHS.

Don't miss out on the chance to schedule your baby's entire 1st year of portraits with us!

cLoThInG ChOiCeS...

Before a photo shoot, people are always asking... "what should we wear?"

Well, here are some of the guidelines I give to my clients before a shoot:

*Choose a color theme (solid colors are best) and clothing style that are representative of your family.
*Try to choose clothing that is likely to still be in style for many years, so you don't date your photos.
*Long sleeves or 3/4 lenth sleeves are recommended for adults to focus attention on the face. Short sleeves are fine for infants and children.
*Dark-colored pants or skirts with matching hosiery are most flattering for women. Jeans are PERFECT!
*Simple hairstyles and natural makeup are best. (Except for fashion or unusual shoots.)
*Hair should be trimmed neatly, but not cut within 48 hours of the portrait sitting.
*Keep in mind that dark clothing tends to be more slimming although whites and light colors make for beautiful photography as well. I will let you decide on this one...
*Bold colors photograph best! Pastels are pretty, but the color doesn't POP like bold colors.
*Geometric patterns and plaids are NOT the best choices for family portraits. They are very busy and tend to detract from the true subject... YOU! If you choose one of these types of patterns, make it a small scale print and use it as the "tie" between other family members' clothing.

If you still need help deciding what to wear or what will look good in a picture, let me know! I will be happy to assist you... even if that means meeting you to pick out clothing! I want your portraits to be the BEST they can be!!



Do you remember your days as a young athlete!? I certainly don't!! I wish someone would have been there to photograph my glory days! It's too late for me, but let's not waste anymore time for your children...

Let me help you and your children hold on to these "good ol' days" by photographing them for you! With team and individual portraits, action shots, custom digital scrapbooks, etc... There is no limit to what we can do together! Gather up the other parents from your children's sports teams and let's schedule a PORTRAIT PARTY!! We can do it at your next tournament, competition, or even just at your next practice! Each family's registration includes a small portrait package, desserts, and drinks for everyone!


Summer is the time for family reunions, right!? So how about letting EVERYONE into your family picture this summer and let me snap a few for you? Just let me know when and where your event is taking place, and I will be there to help you capture all of those fun memories! 801-668-3351 or

You can use me for a couple of hours or the entire day... whichever you prefer! This is also a GREAT way to get your individual family pictures updated, too! It's all included in your session fee!

There is no limit on the number of people to be photographed... Just a flat fee of $250! It's easy enough! You provide the smiles, and I will provide the camera!


I have been asked by a few people now to do some digital scrapbooking for them. It's a fun hobby of mine, but I never imagined it turning into anything... SOOOOO... I have decided to add it to my services! :) Your pictures or mine, just send them to me electronically through email, or on a disc through the mail! (Call or email me for my mailing address!) Or set up a portrait party/photo shoot/event with me, and I can scrap those images for you, too! Don't forget! You get a slideshow of all your images when you purchase a 20-page 8x10 or 12x12 panoramic album... it's a great little side kick to show off to friends and families at gatherings!
Call or email me for more information! I will have a scrapbooking page in my list of site links shortly!! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

AnDy & JoRdY...

First-time parents... Andy & Jordy! They are so cute, and I am VERY excited for these two to have their little boy... Can't wait to meet the little guy!

PoRtrAiT PaRtiEs...

So I'm WAY excited about this... I have heard of other people doing these portrait parties and read about them online and thought it sounded like so much fun... and what a great idea!

You’ve been to Avon parties, food parties, Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties, and even Slumber Parties...Now we have Portrait Parties!

If you are wondering what in the world a portrait party is, just check out my link to the portrait party page of my blog! Or follow this link:

I hope to hear from you soon... I plan to schedule one individual portrait party each month if you are unable to gather enough people for your own. So keep your eyes open for the post that announces July's portrait party!

Friday, June 4, 2010

ScEnIc ShOtS...

Here are some of the scenic shots my husband takes while on hikes, drives, jogs, vacations, etc... When he can remember to bring the camera along, he takes some excellent pictures! :) I'm sure I will be posting more of these in the future. All of these images are available as 5x7 - 16x20 prints, postcards, wall art, and posters. They can even be customized with quotes or affirmations. Prices are listed in the product and print pricing link...