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Sunday, July 29, 2012

{T Family}

JULY 2012

Oh another one of my favorite families!! I really wish they didn't live so far away, but I am always so glad that they allow me to take their pictures when they come to visit! They just had their tiny little new one a few weeks earlier, so we decided to take a few newborn shots of him! Isn't he just so handsome?? 

Big sister just loves her baby so much! She is such a great help and so sweet with him... Thank you for coming up guys! 

{Erinn Cole}

JULY 2012

I can't believe how quickly that three months has flown by! My little muffin is already 3 months old!! :(  It seems to be going so much faster...maybe it's because she is my last one and I don't mind if she stays little forever! At least I will have the pictures to remind me how amazingly beautiful and sweet she is as a little baby! 

...and of course... when one sister gets her pictures taken, all the sisters get their pictures taken! :) 

{Hayzl June}

JULY 2012

Oh this little peanut came to me to model a few new things I have added to my prop collection!  Her dad is my "triplet." We went through all of school together and he shares a birthday with my twin sister and me. Funny, huh?! Well, we always just called each other triplet... so there is it! 

Isn't Hayzl just the sweetest thing? Her big brother came along for a few new portraits as well and he was such a good boy! He patiently waited his turn and did just what he was asked during his portraits with baby sister...She was so wide awake and we tried many times to rock her to sleep, but she wasn't havin' it! She was too excited to sleep. It didn't really matter because she was such a content baby, she didn't need her eyes closed to behave. PLUS, they are such pretty eyes I wouldn't want to hide them away anyway!

{Michelle & Jeremy Wedding}

MARCH 2012

Somehow I let this session slip by in my posting, but it's one of my favorites! I love the vintage feel to it and some of the fun new poses we tried out! I actually was more than just the photographer for this wedding, I was also a witness on their marriage certificate! They needed another adult to witness their wedding... I was there anyway, so there ya go! :) 

Congratulations, guys! You are a beautiful couple and I wish you all the best! 

{Tracy Maternity}

June was SUCH a busy month for Mirror Images! ...but we got through it and went straight on to a busy July!! 

JULY 2012

Tracy drove up to meet me again this summer to capture some beautiful maternity images before that baby joins us! We had a great plan to meet in a field with wild daisies and a picnic setup... but the weather had other plans. I waited out the storm hoping it would go away, but eventually it got darker, windier, and WETTER! All my stuff got soaked with rain. Rescheduling wasn't going to be an option since Tracy is SO miserable and she lives SO far away... 
Luckily I now have an indoor studio where we were able to go to finish her session and get some fun shots of her cute baby bump...  Thank you again Tracy! You are such a trooper! Can't wait to meet your new little man!